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eLife Use Cases

Use Cases


Programs and Activities


Use Case: Managing Programs


Manage your programs. A rich array of non-academic activities is an
invaluable feature of student life on most campuses. Schools typically invite
students to participate a wide variety of programs organized by dorms,
clubs, student activities, athletics, volunteer organizations, and service

learning. Student government and the campus activities board often

schedule activities, such as homecoming, annual fairs, concerts, and other

campus-wide events. Each of these programs and events involves the
whole student body.

Manage clubs. eLife allows colleges and universities to manage all aspects of student clubs, including membership, budgets, communications, meetings, and minutes, plus audio and video of all meetings and events. Individual clubs can track event registration and attendance just like other types of event programming.

Manage community engagement. Does your school have an office of community engagement and offer student volunteer opportunities? eLife manages all programs and events, whether single-day efforts like community cleanups, or ongoing activities like tutoring. Handle schedules and registration, track attendance, and even assign academic credits or points toward housing priority. You can send out communications via eLife to make sure students do their civic duty! 

EXAMPLE: Miskatonic University has a rich slate of non-academic programming. Events and programs can be generated and managed by residential life teams, student activities, leadership programs, and Community Engagement and Service Learning. Among 15 dorms, 100+ clubs, the Campus Activities Board, and the Center for Volunteer Opportunities and Service Learning (VSOL), Miskatonic runs over 1,000 discrete events each semester, involving over 5,000 students. eLife provides the tools to manage it all.

Different groups organize different kinds of events via eLife. Hall directors and RAs create housing-based programs, like movie nights and campus cleanups, on an ongoing basis. The leadership of each club manages meetings, events, membership, attendance, and their club's budgets with eLife. The Campus Activities Board schedules weekly dances and monthly concerts in conjunction with the Student Center. And VSOL staff runs 75 programs and 500+ shifts with registration, transportation, attendance, and credit for participation. The leadership program has weekly activities for over 100 students.

Each department at MIskatonic has its own eLIfe user group with its own access and interface. Every group can schedule programs and events, assign students to them, and manage budgets, registration, and attendance. eLife keeps everything organized and easily accessible, regardlesss of the different ways individual departments operate. Each semester, the eLife reporting dashboard allows Student Activities to run a comprehensive report of club activity, and the VSOL can run its updated impact statement. Leadership and service learning can award academic credits to their participants. And Residential Life can prepare for the changes that each new term brings to the on-campus experience. ​


Use Case: Student Transportation

With so many possible programs, events, and volunteer shifts, it's inevitable
that your students are going to need transportation to off-campus
locations. Use eLife's built-in event transportation scheduler to coordinate
drivers, vehicles, and the people who need rides to make sure everything
goes off withouta hitch. e
Life takes into account the current status of your
vehicle pool and is smart enough to know that you need to work around the
class schedules of student drivers and account for drivers who are also
event participants. 


With eLife, you can track all your vehicles, drivers, and passengers throughout the day and create automated printed schedules and email or SMS driver notifications. eLife even makes sure to take event attendance at the same time.

EXAMPLE: Jane is a student driver at Miskatonic University, and she also volunteers as a math tutor at a local elementary school as part of a program managed by the school's Center for Volunteer Opportunities and Service Learning. She has a busy class schedule as well, so she can only work as a driver a couple of times each week, usually to drive herself and others to the school for afternoon tutoring sessions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. 

Meanwhile, eLife manages information about the tutoring program, including all the shifts and registered volunteers. At the same time, eLife knows the current status of all the vehicles at the Center's disposal, the availability of student drivers, and every student registered for every shift and every program requiring transportation. A simple glance at the student transportation calendar in eLife for Tuesday confirms that Jane will be driving 5 students plus herself in the gray Ford van to Miller Primary School at 3pm. The van will be back by 6pm - in time for it to take 8 students from the e-games club to a tournament across town at another university.​

Use Case: Taking Attendance

University programs, events, and meeting​s all involve registration and
attendance taking, whether you're using the information for capacity

management, club membership, academic credits, or housing priority
status. And you may need to take attendance on or off campus with student

leaders or ad hoc volunteers. There's no need for costly custom hardware

because these situations are where eLife really shines.

Within any program records in eLife, you can identify attendance takers and schedule email or SMS notifications with links that take them to their own temporary event attendance page. Attendance on eLife takes advantage of the iPhone or Android device in their pocket, and each event comes complete with lists of registered attendees. Tied directly back to eLife, event attendance takes advantage of the student ID for confirmation. Need to do both event check-in and check-out? eLife can take care of that too.

EXAMPLE: Jane the tutor and student driver not only drives students to the elementary school tutoring program, she takes attendance as well. On Tuesday morning, eLife sent her an email for that day's shift with a browser link to the shift's attendance page. As each student arrives at the van, she uses Safari on her iPhone to access the volunteer list and confirm their attendance. eLife automatically records the attendance and gives everyone the proper credit for their participation.​

Contact us to learn the many ways you can take advantage of eLife and to discuss your specific needs.

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