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The FileMaker 2023 Professional Low Code Platform

FileMaker is the premier professional low code platform on the market offering the ideal path to deliver the modern apps that enable the growth of visionary businesses.


NEW: FileMaker 2023 is native on Apple Silicon Macs and supports Windows 11 and MacOS 14. Tech Specs


The FileMaker Platform enables teams to:


  • Overcome challenges from the shortcomings of existing technologies.

  • Bridge the gap between Excel and other apps and enterprise systems.

  • Unleash ideas and expertise to innovate in the workplace.

  • Reduce repetitive work and empower employees to make a difference.

  • Grow and surpass business goals.

Colibri uses FileMaker to build apps that do incredible things. HOW?

  • Capability – One platform, one code base, and a world of extensibility and integration options.

  • Availability – One app for use across Windows PCs, Macs, iOS, and the web.

  • Turnaround – An environment unparalleled for rapid application development across all your devices.

  • Cost-Effectiveness – Competitive initial investment with minimal long-term support requirements.

  • Data Security – 256-bit SSL and AES data encryption and authentication via FileMaker, LDAP, and oAuth 2.

  • Peace of Mind – As an Apple company, we and our clients can count on FileMaker for years to come.

Learn more about our Services for our Client Partners and Contact us today to discuss your new application.

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