The FileMaker 19 Workplace Innovation Platform:

No Code, Low Code, and PRO CODE

FileMaker is the premier Workplace Innovation Platform on the market today. FileMaker empowers problem solvers to create, share, and integrate custom apps to address their ever-changing business challenges.


NEW: FileMaker 19.3 is now native on Apple Silicon Macs. Learn more.


FileMaker enables teams to:


  • Overcome challenges caused by exhausting or outgrowing the capabilities
    of their existing technologies or processes.

  • Bridge the gap between appliance apps like Excel and enterprise systems.

  • Unleash ideas and expertise to innovate in the workplace.


  • Reduce repetitive, mundane work.

  • Empower employees to make a difference.

  • Grow and surpass business goals.

The FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform offers robust tools to:

  • Design and create custom apps for the workplace.

  • Share apps so teams can be connected anywhere work is done, on any device.

  • Integrate apps with software services, IoT devices, and emerging technologies in response to evolving business needs

Colibri uses FileMaker to build custom, PRO CODE Apps that do incredible things. HOW?

  • Capability – You name it, we can do it with FileMaker using one platform, one code base, and a world of extensibility and integration options including JavaScript add-ons, REST APIs, and Claris connectors.

  • Turnaround – The FileMaker Platform has a user interface and programming environment that is unparalleled for rapid application development to the desktop, mobile, and web.

  • Cost-Effectiveness – FIleMaker combines a low initial investment, highly competitive development costs and minimal long-term support requirements.

  • Data Security – The FileMaker Platform uses 256-bit SSL and AES data encryption and authentication via internal accounts, LDAP, and oAuth 2.

  • Multi-Platform – Build one custom app for use across Windows PCs, Macs, iOS, and the web.

  • Longevity – As a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, Claris Inc. has offered 19 major versions of the FileMaker Platform since 1990, so we and our clients can count on it for years to come.

FileMaker 19 is here!  What's new?

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