Apps for Visionary Businesses

Are you in charge of your technology – or is it in charge of you? 

Is SaaS Really Enough?


In the current tech environment, business leaders and owners are often incentivized to try off-the-shelf products, often Software as a Service (SaaS) web or cloud apps that share a common codebase for all users and that typically charge monthly, much like a utility. Think of vendors like SalesForce, Google, or Slack. SaaS can be effective solutions for some businesses. They typically scale relatively well, vendors improve their applications on an ongoing basis, and users don't need to manage upgrades themselves. 


However, SaaS may not be good in many situations:

  • SaaS is designed to be very convenient for the vendor by allowing them to manage a single codebase. So SaaS tends to implement changes that are broadly applicable. But businesses with a particular need or unique process are unlikely to get the features they need out of SaaS. And requesting a SaaS vendor to customize their code for a single client can be shockingly costly.  

  • SaaS essentially commoditizes software for its user base. So with the proliferation of SaaS, businesses may lose the engine of competitive advantage that proprietary software has traditionally ensured.

Realize A Vision for Your Business Using Custom Apps

“With our custom app from Colibri, there is a place for both our business and design processes. Tasks that used to take hours to complete can now be done in minutes. Now we have more time to be creative than ever before.”
– Deirdre Featherstone, Owner, Featherstone Design


At Colibri Solutions, we build apps for visionary businesses, those whose leadership wants to control the destiny of their enterprise as they grow and scale. They know that SaaS is not always the answer. 


Vision means that a leader knows that their business needs to control their technology. Vision means that leaders realize they have processes that make their business unique and competitive. Custom apps enable them to dream bigger, execute better, and surpass their goals.

A custom app provides: 

  • The exact functionality a business needs on the right devices

  • The ability to change and grow your business

  • Vital information and integration with outside data when and where needed

  • Better financials over the lifetime of the app

As expert consulting and custom app developers, Colibri Solutions enables the visionary businesses that comprise our clientele to achieve a high level of collaboration across desktop, mobile, and web platforms at a cost previously inaccessible to SMBs, government, and education.

Consider whether your business requires a “Vision” and not just another “Product" and contact us today to help you make the decision to pursue a custom app with Colibri Solutions.


“The new app is a miracle. At the end of the semester, I can just run a report on each student and give it to their professor. I used to have to put student names in a spreadsheet and then manually sort volunteer hours. It was a nightmare.” 

– Kim Silcox, Director, Center for Community Engagement, Eastern Connecticut State University