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Integrated Protocol & Facilities Management 


RPM is a powerful, integrated research protocol management solution, uniquely focused on the needs of facilities managers and principal investigators, that provides IACUC, animal, facilities, and grant account management in a cost-effective and IT-friendly environment.

  • Manage Protocols, Facilities and Grant Accounts in a Single Cost-Effective Application​

  • Provide Customized Functionality for Facilities Staff and Investigators

  • Increase Effectiveness of Resource Management, Review Processes, and Compliance

RPM 3.5


RPM version 3.5 brings over 100 new features, including support for the latest server and client operating systems and mobile facilities management using Apple iOS.

The RPM family consists of RPM Desktop for client/server environments, RPM Mobile for facilities and animal care management using iPad.

General Features


  • Multi-platform (Windows/MacOS/iOS/Citrix), multi-user, client/server software architecture.

  • Support for up to 500 concurrent users.

  • Integrated system backup schemes.

  • 256-bit SSL and AES encryption.

  • Highly intuitive, role-based user interface and navigation.

  • Comprehensive implementation and ongoing support services.

Major New Features in RPM 3.5


General System Enhancements – RPM 3.5 features over 100 new features including a faster, more scalable database engine with support for more concurrent users and better WAN performance. The RPM User Interface has been updated with better data querying mechanisms, enhanced navigation tools, larger type size, data entry fields and screens, and email notifications for a range of activities. New in 2023: Support for MacOS 13, Windows 11, and FileMaker 2023.

RPM Dashboard – The RPM Dashboard provides at-a-glance information on current census, order and services status, facilities management activities, treatment plans, and upcoming IACUC deadlines.  


Activity Scheduler – RPM 3.5 provides scheduling tools that track all activities and deadlines on a date range, staffperson/user, animal, protocol and facility level with scheduled email notification. Today’s responsibilities are a single button click away at all times.


IACUC/Protocol Management – RPM 3.5 includes multiple and default accounts per protocol, better support for designated reviews, support for annual and 3-year review cycles, an enhanced precedure library, and more complete personnel records.


Enhanced Animal Care History – RPM 3.5 includes support for multiple treatment plans per animal care history record and the integration of individual treatment plans into the RPM activity scheduler.


Facilities Management – RPM 3.5 features augmented animal population backloading, census and audit tools, and room and equipment inventory management.  Track statuses of active animal populations, including treatment plans, BSL, and controlled food/water.


Controlled Substances – RPM 3.5 provides facilities managers with tools for recording receipt and distribution of controlled substance and reports for regulatory agencies. New in 3.13: Support for individual dose tracking.


Financial Management – RPM 3.5 allows multiple institutional accounts per protocol and order line items and multiple vendors per supply item or animal strain, plus it gives researchers the ability to submit multiple animal orders or multiple tech service requests for a group of animals within a single request.  RPM 3 also offers enhanced tools for line item and charge management.

RPM Mobile

Animal and facilities management in RPM 3 goes mobile with the addition of RPM Mobile for iPad and iPad mini. Facilities staff can perform census and room audits, query animal records, move animals, print cage cards, and enter facilities data, technical services, and medical records.  

Download the RPM 3.5 Product Sheet.

RPM 3.5 Licensing and Support


This solution is available in a multi-user client/server configuration for maximum performance and security. A range of licensing and support options is available. 


Contact us to arrange a demonstration and for complete pricing and support options.

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