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RPM Mobile for Animal Facilities

RPM Mobile

Access to Complete Animal Records​

RPM Mobile provides access to an animal's complete record and history within RPM - cage cards, care history, breeding, documents, and activities.

RPM Mobile 1.5 now available!


RPM Mobile brings the complete animal and facilities management functionality of RPM 3.5 into the animal facility using iPad mini. Facilities staff can perform census and room audits, query animal records, move animals, print cage cards, and enter location data, technical services, and medical records.  

RPM Mobile 1.5 Features


  • Designed for live access to RPM 3.5 by facilities and animal care staff.

  • Runs on Apple iPad mini 6 using iOS 17+.

  • Cage card barcode scanning over Bluetooth; mobile cage card printing over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

  • 256-bit SSL encryption.

  • Highly intuitive, touch-based user interface.

  • NO sensitive data is maintained on the device.

User Interface – RPM Mobiles offer all the Animal and Facilities Management functionality from RPM Desktop in a clean and intuitive touch interface, including the RPM Dashboard, Cage Card records and Animal History.


Bar Code Scanning and Cage Card Printing – Use a Socket Mobile SocketScan scanner to search and retrieve one or more cage cards, and a Zebra Mobile printer to print one or more cage card labels with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Great for reprinting damaged cards or for animals that have changed their location or protocol.


Location Census - RPM mobile allows facilities staff to perform room census by simply scanning cage card barcodes. RPM Mobile provides filters for verified card and unscanned or misplaced cards. Users can also interrupt a census to perform other tasks and pick up where they left at a later time.  


Animal Care History – Add a new animal care history record at the cage or as you need to record treatment or an incident. Add multiple treatment plans per history record, and take advantage of the iPad's capabilities to take a picture or record audio or video.


Controlled Substances – Manage controlled substances and their receipt and distribution as it happens.  

RPM Mobile Hardware

RPM Mobile is designed to work with the following mobile hardware and software:

iPad mini 6 with Wi-Fi and iOS 17+ *

Socket Mobile SocketScan handheld scanner *

Zebra QLn320 mobile printer (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi model) *

Zebra Z-Perf 3x5 labels

FileMaker Go 2023 v2

MobiPrint iOS app

* Must be purchased separately.

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