FileMaker in the Enterprise

The FileMaker Platform provides great value to the enterprise customer


Individual Workgroup Apps


The FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform is the premier

app development environment for your corporate workgroups

and departments of 5 to 250 users. 


Colibri Solutions develops and implement intuitive and powerful

data management solutions that allow enterprise to manage

datasets, work processes, and entire business lines at a fraction of

the cost of other tools and with tremendous return on investment.



One Platform for All Platforms


FileMaker is the most flexible workplace innovation platform on the market.  From one code base and one UI toolset, you can deliver custom apps to Windows desktops and Macs, iPads, iPhones and the most popular browsers on the web.  And share data among different devices seamlessly.



The Technology Bridge - Integration!


All enterprises appliance applications like Excel (for single-user data) and enterprise environments like Oracle and PeopleSoft (for payroll, HR, and similar applications).  We are big fans of both.  But Excel is not very good as a shared database tool.  Oracle and other “Big Iron” databases require ongoing care and can be cost-prohibitive for workgroup information management. 


Why not add the FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform to the mix? The FileMaker Platform can share data easily with both Excel and large database tools via REST APIs and ODBC.  FileMaker forms the bridge between the individual and the enterprise.



Application Prototyping


Technological innovation can be costly. Enterprise often make

major investments in trial solutions without any assurance that they

will be successful or provide a reasonable return on investment. 

Priorities may shift before an application scales out, and a

costly app loses its chance to make a difference.


So when a need or an opportunity arises for an enterprise to

protoptype a new product or process, the FileMaker Platform offers

a way forward for innovators, managers and shareholders alike.  

Develop ideas, test security and see results at a fraction of the cost, and scale up only as necessary.


The FileMaker Platform is a robust and flexible environment for building and testing new concepts efficiently and cost effectively, and with minimal risk.



FileMaker and Enterprise IT


Adding a new information management platform can mean big headaches for enterprise IT.  Not so with the FileMaker Platform.  Practical standards support – ODBC, SQL, SSL, OAuth 2, HTML5, CSS3, iOS, Windows Server, Citrix, and VMware – plus low IT management requirements and a rock-solid server environment make it easy to adopt FileMaker in the enterprise.

Download our FileMaker in the Enterprise information sheet or FileMaker IT Factsheet.

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