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Breathe New Life into Old Apps

Business apps have been around for over 40 years, and a lot of them have been running for decades. That doesn't mean that older apps have to stay that way.

Are you or your colleagues using software that's mission-critical - but a bit (or very) dated ?

Do you need new functionality from your existing apps - but your developer or consultant is long gone?

Do you want to replace a custom department application - but you're concerned about expense and disruption?




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Modern Apps Using Modern Tools


There's no reason to let an old solution languish or to spend an exorbitant amount to replace a valuable piece of software. Colibri can bring your legacy tools to the present day with updates and new apps that support a raft of modern technologies:

  • Modern user interfaces and support for the latest OS's.

  • Functionality for new business lines and processes.

  • Cloud-based hosting and access.

  • Integrations with apps you use every day like Google apps,
    MS Office, MailChimp, Slack, and QuickBooks,

    plus a host of other niche apps.

  • New JavaScript-based add-ons and FileMaker plugins
    to extend the capabilities of your FileMaker app.


  • Mobile iPad/smartphone apps on iOS and Android.

Where Do I Start? 


Modernizing your legacy app to address today's demands starts with an evaluation by Colibri's experts. 

We'll offer our recommendations and a path to a fresh FileMaker 19 app that better manages your operations, protects your investments, and stimulates your growth. 

To get started, contact us today to arrange an assessment of your existing software.

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