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App Framework for Higher Education



Student View​

eLife's student record displays vital information about the student and their activities originating from the app and your student information system (SIS).

eLife: The advanced app framework that enables colleges and universities to manage a wide variety of non-academic programs, activities, and data.

What is eLife?

The eLife app framework offers cross-platform desktop and mobile app functionality that can share data with Ellucian® Banner® or other student information systems (SIS). Adopt Colibri's eLife frameworks for housing, student activities, programs and special events, registration and attendance, transportation, and time clocks, and work with us to tailor eLife to your specific needs.

  • Manage housing, programs, and community engagement in a single cost-effective framework​

  • Provide functionality specifically tailored for professional staff, RAs, or student workers

  • Advanced security features and timely reporting

Major Components of the eLife Framework


General System Features – The eLife Framework features a fast, scalable database engine with support for hundreds of concurrent desktop and mobile users, cloud or on-campus network options, and multiplatform support. eLife offers a clean, intuitive user interface in an SSL-secure environment for up to 16 different user groups with support for term-based on- and off-loading of student users. Customizations are possible for a wide variety of uses and third-party software API integrations.


eLife Dashboard – The eLife Dashboard provides users with at-a-glance information on activities/to-dos, dorm programs and logs, club information, and community engagement programs. It also provides the student center front desk with a convenient interface to log all requests for information, view upcoming student events and even sell tickets. Users see only the dashboards relevant to their role within eLife.

Housing Management – Let hall directors and residential assistances (RAs) take advantage of eLife to manage dorm access, record interactions with residents, document room damages and other incidents, and log ongoing hall activity. In addition, eLife stores residential rosters and manages housing council meetings. eLife can even be used to manage the interview process for new RAs.

Programming – A main feature of eLife is support for a wide range of non-academic events and programs related to dorms, clubs, student activities, volunteer organizations, or even the student government's activities group scheduling concerts and other campus-wide events. Track proposals, approvals, budgets, registration, and attendance.

Student Activities – eLife allows universities to manage all aspects of student clubs and other RSOs. Track CAB event registration, ticket sales, and attendance like other types of event programming. 

Student Leadership and Volunteerism – Does your school have an office of community engagement and student volunteer opportunities? eLife manages all programs and events, whether single day efforts like community cleanups or ongoing activities like tutoring. Handle schedules and registration, track attendance, and even assign academic credits or points toward housing priority. eLife handles communications and makes sure everyone does their civic duty! 


Event Transportation and Attendance – With so many possible programs, events, and volunteer shifts, it's inevitable that your students are going to need transportation to off-campus locations. Use eLife's built-in event transportation scheduler to marry drivers, vehicles, and the people who need rides and make sure everything goes off without a hitch. eLife even makes sure that it takes attendance at the same time.


Term-Based Reporting –eLife's comprehensive term-based reporting for clubs and community events track participation by year, gender, race and housing and athletics status and help administrators see how your non-academic programs help student performance and the surrounding community.

PLUS... student worker timeclocks, campus persona non-grata, housing priority management, damage billing, dorm resident feedback, and a host of other smaller capabilities. 

Download the eLife Product Sheet.

eLife Licensing and Support


eLife is available in a 256-bit encrypted multi-user client/server configuration for maximum performance and security. A range of cost-effective licensing, customization, and support options is available. 


Contact us for more information and to arrange an assessment of your needs.

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