eLife Special Offer

Special Offer

SPECIAL OFFER - Extended thru April 30, 2022

For colleges and universities with fiscal years starting 

any time from July 1 through October 1: 


License now, Pay later

Get a jumpstart on bringing eLife to your school and have it ready in time for the fall semester!


When you license eLife for the first time by April 30, 2022 for use during the 2022/2023 academic year, Colibri will begin work immediately on customizations and integrations of the eLife application to fit your school's unique needs, and implementation in your computing environment.*

Work starts immediately, and payment for annual license fees or customizations will be due only at the start of your new fiscal year. Act now and pay for eLife in your next fiscal year!


BONUS: We'll include one year of Claris FileMaker Platform licensing for free (up to 100 users).** You can leverage FileMaker to host and run eLife and build all kinds of custom apps for use across campus!

Learn more about eLife.

*eLife is licensed on an annual basis.  **Offer does not include FileMaker Cloud.