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eLife - Who's It For?

Who's It For?

Residential Life

  • Manage the Residential Assistant application process.

  • Maintain residential hall rosters and emergency numbers.

  • Record RA and professional staff interactions with residents.

  • Track participation in ResLife programming.

  • Record room damages and issue damage billing.

  • Manage residential hall association meetings.

Community Engagement and Volunteerism

  • Create multi-shift volunteer and service learning programs.

  • Manage participation in community-based learning courses.

  • Award academic credit and housing priority.

  • Manage off-campus event transport including student drivers.

  • Create up-to-the-minute impact reports.


  • Create multi-year leadership programs and activities.

  • Track individual student participation and progress.

  • Manage sessions and attendance.

  • Manage leadership program budgets.

Student Life and the Student Union

  • Manage RSOs, including leadership, programs, and budgets.

  • Maintain membership rolls and track attendance.

  • Measure the impact of club involvement on student success.

  • Approve CAB events and student eligibility for participation.

  • Manage Student Union front desk including daily activity logs.

  • Track room capacity and usage. 



  • Provide pro staff with FERPA-compliant info about students.

  • Enable timeclocks for any department with student workers.

  • Prioritize housing by academic and non-academic achievement.

  • Broadcast current persona non grata lists across campus.

  • Take attendance at programs using any smartphone. 

  • Manage off-campus event transport including student drivers.

  • Share data with Banner SIS and web-based registration tools.

  • Work with Colibri to customize eLife to your requirements.

Explore eLife user cases and contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Campus Events
Community Engagement and Volunteerism
Clubs and RSOs
Residence Life Building
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