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RPM 3.5 Features


Protocol Management​

RPM's protocol record displays vital information about IACUC actions, personnel, accounts, procedures, and animals, including allowance levels and active cage cards in real time.

RPM Desktop offers the complete feature set of the RPM 3.5 application, including IACUC and protocol management, animal and facilities management, financials, reporting, data export, user roles and permissions, and system settings. Separate user interfaces are available for administrative/facilities staff and investigators and their labs.

RPM 3.5 offers many features to manage your processes more efficiently and effectively, whether your organization has 10 or 200 users.
  • Record all significant protocol dates and IACUC actions.

  • Manage IACUC meetings, including agendas, minutes, and tasks.

  • Maintain and access a library of standard operating procedures and documentation.

  • Track personnel training and certification.

  • Print bar-coded cage cards and perform live census.

  • Create and manage vendor orders for animals and facility supplies.

  • Access a full suite of reports that can be output to print, PDF or email.

  • All data in all tables can be exported in .xlsx or csv format as needed (with proper user permissions).

  • Provide flexible and comprehensive security features.

What's New in RPM 3.5?

  • Support for Mac OS 14 and iOS 7, Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022, FileMaker 2023.

  • Refreshed interface for 2023 with larger buttons and more readable fonts.

  • Screen-based help topics

  • Support for up to 4 per diem rates per species.

  • Animal census is now available on a per protocol basis.

  • Batch feature allows easy entry of multiple tech services per animal in a single day.

  • PI animal IDs can be assigned simultaneously to a group of animals.

  • Cagecard record displays user that closed cagecard.

  • Litter record displays user that weaned animals.

  • Controlled substances inventory reporting.

  • Enhancements to sending emails from within RPM. 

  • New User Admin role and differentiated access to admin settings.

  • Feature and performance enhancements to RPM Mobile, now at version 1.5.

  • RPM Mobile support for iPad mini 6.

  • Support for Brother mobile printers and Apple AirPrint.

  • Bug fixes and performance optimizations.

General Features

  • Multi-platform (Windows/MacOS/iOS/Citrix), multi-user, client/server software architecture.

  • Support for up to 200 concurrent users.

  • Integrated system backup schemes.

  • 256-bit SSL and AES encryption.

  • Highly intuitive, role-based user interface and navigation.

  • Role-based security regime with administrative control of over 200 processes and 30 reports.

  • Comprehensive implementation and ongoing support services.

IACUC Activities

  • Create and manage an unlimited number of protocols.

  • Schedule automatic email notifications of protocol expirations and IACUC actions.

  • Manage designated reviews independent of full committee meetings.

  • Generate and distribute IACUC agendas and minutes via email.

  • Track personnel contact information, training, and certifications.

Protocol Submission and Management

  • Manage and view all protocol-related forms in their native format.

  • Manage multiple grant account numbers per protocol.

  • Manage all significant protocol dates and IACUC actions.

  • Track protocol animal allowances with visual warnings of low allowance or expired protocols.

  • View all personnel, animals, cage cards, tech services and account charges accruing directly to a particular protocol.

  • Manage and search for personnel trainings and certifications.

  • Electronic protocol submission and review, including integration with RPM Forms (coming soon).

Procedures Library

  • Manage the complete standard laboratory procedure library.

  • Edit and print text-based procedure descriptions.

  • Associate controlled substances with procedures.

  • See lists of protocols approved for a particular procedure and personnel trained to execute it.

  • Attach and view illustrative procedure documents in several file formats (such as .doc and .pdf).

Document Management

  • Manage and view unlimited protocol, animal, and IACUC/facilities documents stored within the RPM system.

  • IACUC/facilities document types include IACUC appointment letters and IACUC minutes, facilities inspection and engineering program reviews, animal care and use forms, animal use guidelines, veterinary reports, AAALAC program descriptions, and government reports.

  • Open documents in their native format – works with .docx, .xlsx, .txt, ,csv, .pdf, .jpg, .tif, .png and .mov.

  • View audio, pictures, and video taken by iPad with RPM Mobile.

  • Attach multiple versions of documents related to a protocol in .pdf or .doc formats, and open these documents in their native format.

Facilities Management

  • Track complete facility location lists, housing types and individual cages.

  • Track current facility populations and occupancy on a real-time basis with no manual census requirement.

  • Track animals on a per animal basis.

  • View historical trends in animal occupancy on a species, facility or protocol basis.

  • Take and retrieve PI, protocol, and/or room census with barcode scanning.

  • Track upcoming animal deliveries by facility, species or vendor.

  • Track receipt, distribution, and use of controlled substances.

  • Manage equipment inventory, including repair history and documentation.

Technical Services

  • Create comprehensive lists of animal technical services at your facilities.

  • Assign hourly, per animal or per incident rates for cost recovery.

  • Assign charges to any account associated with a protocol.

  • Manage the tech service lifecycle, from requests through fulfillment.

  • Generate animal history records and account charges automatically based on tech service fulfillment.

Animal History Records (EMR)

  • Manage an animal’s complete medical history within RPM in an EMR environment.

  • Manage an unlimited number of animal medical records.

  • Create multiple treatment plans per animal history record.  Specify frequencies for daily treatment and dates for re-evaluation.

  • Related treatment plans directly to the RPM dashboard and individual and group task schedules.

  • Attach and retrieve external documents (such as test results, surgical and anesthesia logs, and procedural descriptions) relevant to individual history records.

Rodent Breeding and Litter Management

  • Manage an unlimited number of rodent breed pairs and harems.

  • Track schedules of upcoming litter weaning.

  • Record new litters, including neonate protocol use, removal, and eventual weaning.

  • Wean animals into existing protocols with their own animal and cage cards, and automatically decrement protocol allowances.

Financial and Account Management

  • Track all charges associated with protocols, grant accounts, and principal investigators, including per diems, animal orders, tech services and other direct costs.

  • Manage institutional vendor accounts, delivery accounts, investigator grant accounts, and cost centers.

  • Create animal and supply item orders, and assign individual orders to protocols as needed.

  • Create blanket order agreements, and track outstanding balances.

  • Generate monthly per diem charges and account summaries across your entire institution in one click. Summarize monthly investigator charges by protocol or account.

Comprehensive Reports

  • Preview, print, create a PDF, archive, or email over 30 RPM reports.

  • Control access to reports on a user or role basis.

  • Reports include:

    • Current Protocol Personnel by Species

    • Protocol Notifications and Expirations

    • Delegated Review Approvals

    • Personnel Certification and Procedure Training

    • Animal Receipt

    • Upcoming Animal Deliveries

    • Current Census Reports

    • Current Facilities Occupancy

    • Facilities Data Reporting: Daily Caredays, Population, Capacity, and Occupancy

    • USDA Category

    • Procedure Reports

    • Monthly Lab Procedures Summary

    • Monthly Cage Card Reports

    • Monthly Animal Expirations

    • Blanket Order Status

    • Unbilled Purchase and Blanket Orders

    • Monthly PI Charge Reports

    • Year-to-Date and Date Range-Bound Charge Summaries

    • Cost Center and Supply Item Summaries

    • Controlled Substance Inventory

RPM Mobile Features


  • Designed for live access to RPM 3.5 by facilities and animal care staff.

  • Runs on Apple iPad mini using iOS 16 over Wi-Fi.

  • Cage card barcode scanning over Bluetooth; cage card printing over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

  • Digital room census and reporting.

  • 256-bit SSL encryption.

  • Highly intuitive, touch-based user interface.

  • NO sensitive data is maintained on the device.

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