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Use Case: Student Timeclocks


Every dorm or office in which students work has its own Mac, PC, or iPad.

Instead of expensive timeclock and timesheet software, why not take

advantage of eLife's built-in timeclock to track your student workers' hours?

Simply set up each student's job and department information in their

record in eLife and then let them check in and out for all their shifts. 

eLife keeps track of your regular pay periods, automatically tabulates days
and hours worked to the nearest quarter hour, and creates timesheets for each student worker.  


Department supervisors can use eLife to track student workers, send messages within the timeclock, make changes and corrections, and generate department reports. And we'll work with you to integrate eLife timeclocks into any third-party payroll or state reporting systems you use on your campus.

EXAMPLE: In the Student Center at Miskatonic University, there are computers at the front desk and in the admin office. Students working in this department start their day in one of these locations. Each location has a computer logged into eLife with access to the student timeclock.

Student worker Rachel arrives at the Student Center for her Friday evening shift at 7pm and will work until midnight. Immediately, she takes out her student ID, opens the timeclock in eLife, and swipes into her shift. She notices a message from her department supervisor reminding everyone to log out at the end of every shift. At 12:01am, Rachel swipes out once again.


Both times, eLife immediately recognizes who she is, her department, job, position, and pay rate. With two simple swipes, eLife recorded her start and end times, total hours worked, and the gross pay for her shift. Rachel can also see all the shifts she has worked in the current pay period.

Because the university's pay period starts on Saturday and ends Friday, today was the last shift before payroll. Alice, the department supervisor, opens the student timeclock in eLife on Saturday morning to her supervisor interface, reviews all the entries for the week for her 12 student workers, clicks a button to generate a dozen timesheets, and signs off on her department report.


Later, someone in accounting clicks another button to forward all the student-worker shift data from every department to the state's central payroll system.

Contact us to learn the many ways you can take advantage of eLife and to discuss your specific needs.

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