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Welcome to Nectar

Welcome to Nectar, Colibri Solutions' new (and improved) blog and news page.

In case you were not aware, the word Colibri means hummingbird in many languages, and you might see the abstract hummingbird in our company logo. Nectar is used by the hummingbird for nourishment, and we hope that this blog will serve the same purpose for anyone seeking technical knowledge and intellectual nourishment.

Come back often for company news and timely information about a variety of topics: All Things FileMaker for tips, tricks, and examples of the FileMaker Platform in action; Consulting Knowledge for stories about technology consulting, business process management, project management, and change management; Technology Insights for industry news and information; and Outside Wisdom for anything we find compelling and worth sharing.

James Wesolowski, Managing Principal J Sciarra, Chief Technologist Karen Seiger, Director of Business Development

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