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PMD Media: Growth through Mobile

“The FileMaker app that Colibri Solutions developed for PMD Promotion has transformed our business.  I recommend Colibri Solutions without reservation to any business owner who wants to operate more efficiently and profitably.” 

~ Dean Stallone, CEO


PMD Media (formerly PMD Promotion) provides outdoor advertising services for the entertainment industry in 25 markets across the United States.  The company has always explored ways to remain competitive and provide superior service to its clients.  A custom FileMaker app has been part of their success since 2007.


Colibri Solutions began by streamlining PMD Media’s work processes with a desktop app that simplified data entry, improved staff scheduling, introduced a range of outputs, and replaced many other applications.  We then introduced PMD Mobile, a FileMaker Go app that manages daily field operations and replaced paper route sheets and digital cameras.  PMD Mobile was featured in a Customer Success video (above) in 2011.  


More recently, we added advanced client reports with interactive maps and charts, and redeveloped their apps to take advantage of FileMaker 15 and iOS 10. 


Since implementing their FileMaker solution, PMD Media has experienced tremendous growth.  Client relations and retention are strong due to detailed and immediate reporting.  The company continues to focus on long-term strategies and growth.



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