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Featherstone Design

Time to Create

“With our FileMaker Pro app, there is a place for both our business and design processes.  Tasks that used to take hours to complete can now be done in minutes.  Now we have more time to be creative than ever before.”
~ Deirdre Featherstone, Owner

Featherstone Design is a wonderful platinum jewelry desiger in New York City. Their studio was badly damaged by flooding during Hurricane Sandy, and they realized they needed a more secure data management environment. They came to Colibri through an event at the SoHo Apple store.


Before working with us, the studio kept their proprietary jewelry design details on paper notecards. Their inventory was listed in an obsolete management solution. It took up to 3 hours to prepare an insurance appraisal. CRM data was maintained in a separate app, making marketing communications cumbersome.


Their new custom app integrates the design, inventory and customer data, and Colibri Solutions developed templates to create product lookbooks, appraisals, and invoices automatically.  


The Featherstone Design team felt the impact immediately once their administrative burden was dramatically reduced. Now that they don’t waste time looking for data, Ms. Featherstone and her team are experiencing new levels of creativity with jewelry design as well as marketing communications. They are looking forward to continuing growth and design innovation.

Update: Featherstone Design expanded its operation with a display at the flagship Bergdorf Goodman's store in midtown Manhattan. And during Christmas 2019, Featherstone jewelry was featured in the holiday windows on 5th Avenue. A fantastic success for this fabulous designer and valued client!



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