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Annex Markets

Antiques Go Digital

Annex Markets has run antique and flea markets in New York City for over 40 years. In 2017, antiques went digital. 

Throughout its history, Annex Markets has managed its markets with paper, and more recently with an MS Access database and Excel spreadsheets. Daily market reservations were recorded in both Access and Excel, and regulatory reporting required yet more spreadsheets. One user at a time, with plenty of opportunity for mistakes. And very difficult to see a history of any one vendor or interactions with them. Market maps and day of management were all on paper.

Colibri started our work with Annex Markets by creating a straightforward and very effective FileMaker custom app. The app allows for multiple markets, easy duplication of reservations from week to week for consistent vendor participants. Reports for government entities are generated in seconds. Statistics about vendors, new vendors, revenue, and fees are calculated and displayed at all times. The app supports vendors who reserve multiple booths or share booth space. A complete history of all calls and emails to every vendors is available to all users.


Overall, Annex Markets can concentrate on attracting new vendors and market shoppers and spend less time managing its market data.

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