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Process Management and Technology Consulting

Colibri’s consulting expertise forms the core for many of the other services we provide to our clients. These services include:

  • Modeling data flows, and identifying best practices and processes;

  • Working with business to implement process optimizations;

  • Determining information management and security requirements;

  • Recommending appropriate technologies and solutions; and

  • Providing appropriate documentation of our findings and recommendations, including

    • Process Definition Documentation: Our Business Process Definition exercise identifies and articulates best practices and processes, describes operations from a human standpoint, proposes changes or adjustments to enable new operations or improve existing ones, and sets goals and standards for success. The Process Definition is accompanied by workflow and data flow diagrams that illustrate a process and any potential modifications.

    • Functional Requirements Planning: When we are contracted to design a technological solution, Functional Requirements planning allows us to identify information management and security requirements, address each of the technical requirements raised by the Process Definition, and propose solutions to all technical challenges.

    • Using Agile methods, our requirements documentation (and development process) is highly adaptive to address the needs of our clients throughout the development process.

  • IT and Security Planning: An IT and Security Plan addresses the unique technological and security challenges created by the type of solution and the nature of its use, the physical and computing environment, external security threats and any regulatory requirements. The plan also proposes hardware, software and network solutions that work with the existing computing environment.

Custom App Development

Colibri Solutions offers expert design and implementation of custom database applications. We are specialists in workgroup and departmental (2–500 users) app development. Our staff includes technology professionals with decades of project experience in a host of database development environments.

We offer expertise in the following areas:

  • Custom workgroup application design and implementation using the FileMaker 19 Workplace Innovation Platform. Why FileMaker?

  • Applications for Windows, Mac OS X, mixed-platform and WAN/LAN environments.

  • Hosted environment solutions using Citrix XenApp and Microsoft RemoteApp.

  • Workgroup-to-enterprise database integration with MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, and Postgres.

  • Integrated solutions for ecommerce, shipping, data mining, financial transactions and more using PHP, JavaScript, Web Services, XML/SOAP, C++, REST, and JSON.

    Read more about
    FileMaker in the Enterprise.

  • Legacy system migrations.

  • Multi-lingual application development, particularly Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Mobile App Development

Colibri Solutions has been at the forefront of innovation and discovery in FileMaker Go development and integration with tradition desktop-based solutions. Our mobile applications have been written up in the media, and we have shared our knowledge and solutions with developer groups in local and national developer groups, at the FileMaker Developer Conference, and with the FileMaker Inc. engineering team.


FileMaker Go enables rapid, cost-effective development of apps for iOS. The newest version, FileMaker Go 19, includes tools for advanced user interface creation, media management, geolocation, signature and barcode capture, Siri, AI, and CoreML, and device management.  The iOS App SDK also allows us to convert your FileMaker Go solution to a full-fledged ​​internal iOS app.

We offer expert knowledge of:

  • Optimized iOS user interface development

  • Mobile-to-desktop data integration methodologies and best practices

  • Version management strategies

  • Integration with 3rd party applications and hardware, including Bluetooth scanners, AirPrint printers and mobile hardware.

For a real world example of our work with FileMaker Go and iOS, read about the revolutionary app that we developed for one of our clients, PMD Media.

Web Browser-Based Process Management Solutions

Colibri Solutions offers web-based solutions using latest technologies for creating dynamic, data-driven web applications, including:

  • FileMaker 19 WebDirect and MySQL

  • Apache and IIS

  • PHP

  • HTML 5/CSS 3

  • JavaScript and jQuery

Colibri Solutions supports the advanced FileMaker WebDirect technology. Offering a desktop-like user interface, advanced HTML5/CSS3 tools and an aggressive development cycle, WebDirect offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional website development. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting and FileMaker Cloud

Thinking about creating your own app cloud?


Colibri Solutions provides consulting for Amazon Web Services as a hosting and deployment option. If you are thinking about moving your overall infrastructure to the Cloud, we can help you design, implement, and manage your AWS instance(s):

  • AWS Hosting and Storage

  • Domain management for custom application

  • Short and long-term data storage

  • Remote desktop using RDP

  • Remote app access using RemoteApp, FileMaker Cloud, or WAN

  • AWS Lambda microservices

FileMaker Cloud 2.19 is a straightforward and easy way to deploy your FileMaker app to your end-users and avoid having to manage physical hardware onsite. If you currently have a custom business management application built in FileMaker, or if you are planning on developing a custom one, FileMaker Cloud may be an excellent option for you.

Read more about Business Continuity and COVID-19 and how a cloud environment can help you.


Contact us if you’d like to discuss whether AWS or FileMaker Cloud can be a winning solution for your business.


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