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Business Continuity

Colibri can help you maintain business operations during challenging times

Access Your Custom Apps from the Cloud Today

Contact us to learn how we can help you ensure the availability of all your important custom workgroup apps!

Business Continuity

The recent coronavirus pandemic had companies throughout
the world scrambling to continue business operations while
keeping their people safe.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is more important than ever,
but many small organizations may not know how to create
such a plan, and even governments and large corporations may
not have considered what to do about their mission-critical
custom apps.

What is business continuity?

In short, business continuity is your organization's plan to continue operations in spite of short- to long-term disruptions. BCP involves human resources, facilities, finances, and information technology. Even today, many companies have systems that require fully-functioning, on-premises servers and networks – and people must be onsite to use them.

Other companies may be utilizing remote access software to allow users to reach their office computers, but these options may be untested, unreliable, or users may not know how to use them.

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Cloud Computing and Your Custom App

One way to ensure the availability of your apps is to consider the Cloud. Unlike on-premises computing, hosting your custom app in the Cloud means it can be available at all times regardless of your organization's ability to use your offices or where your employees' are working. You can keep your operations running from literally any location with Internet access.

"Perfect timing! By Thursday, my entire team imploded, and everyone took a computer home to work from there. You have no idea how grateful I am for getting this all sorted out for us."

Colibri Solutions has extensive experience with cloud computing, both for our clients and ourselves. We keep our own development and management servers on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers, allowing us to work from the office, home, or on vacation, both here in the United States and internationally.  

We Can Help You Keep Your Business Going 

For our clients, we provide the following services:

  • Business continuity planning and cloud computing design

  • Design and management of AWS server instance(s)

  • Domain, authentication, and SSL certification management

  • Short and long-term data storage strategies

  • Remote desktop setup using RDP and remote app access
    using RemoteApp, FileMaker Cloud, or WAN

FileMaker Cloud 2023


For an increasing number of our smaller clients with mission-critical apps and on-premises servers, we are taking advantage of FileMaker Cloud 2023 to replace physical hardware onsite, add new authentication options, and provide both occasional telecommuting and a rapid solution to the dangers of business disruptions.

Contact us to learn more about this new offering!

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