Marketing and Promotions

Client: PMD Promotion provides marketing and promotions services for the entertainment industry in 22 markets across the United States.

Objective: PMD Promotion needed an integrated solution to manage a large number of promotional marketing campaigns across a large geographic area with a distributed workforce. PMD Promotion also wanted to reduce redundant data entry caused by the proliferation of tools, and generate greater data accuracy and operational efficiency.

Solution: Colibri Solutions developed an integrated FileMaker Pro database solution that could simplify data entry, improve staff scheduling, repurpose data for a range of outputs, and replace a combination of Word, Excel, Quark Xpress and Photoshop documents. PMD Mobile, based in FileMaker Go, is fully integrated with the FileMaker Pro solution that works on iPod Touch devices and takes photos and records field data while replacing paper and digital cameras. The solution also serves as an archive for thousands of photographs taken each day to document PMD’s activities on behalf of its clients.

Business Impact: Colibri’s solution allows PMD Promotion to have an accurate and up-to-the-minute picture of campaign progress, costs, and staff performance. The solution also allows management to more efficiently plan upcoming campaign activities, report to its clients, and pay its staff and contractors. Ultimately, PMD Promotion is able to focus on providing better service to its clients and to further expand its operations while saving tens of thousands of dollars in direct expenses each year.

PMD Promotion provides its clients with comprehensive, daily updates regarding their marketing efforts – aggregate data, zip codes lists, venue lists, campaign photos, photos, and interactive market maps, all within their FileMaker solution and taking advantage of:

  • FileMaker Charting
  • Enhanced Container Fields and Storage
  • SQL Execution
  • GoogleMaps API v 3

Technology: FileMaker Pro 12 and FileMaker Server 12; FileMaker Go 12; PHP; GoogleMaps API v3; Applescript.

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