The Mobile Solution for Permit Parking Enforcement


Colibri Park is a cost-effective desktop and mobile solution to manage permit parking and ticketing on academic, medical and corporate campuses, leveraging Apple® iOS and the FileMaker® platform for superior mobility.

Academic and corporate campuses need to accommodate hundreds to thousands of vehicles every day. So campus security must be able to identify, document and process parking infractions quickly and efficiently.

Using state-of-the-art technology, campus security and parking administrators can enforce parking regulations simply and effectively, maintain safety and security, and generate additional revenue.

Features & Functionality

Equipped with Colibri Park on an Apple iPad®, Campus Security Officers can:

Scan a vehicle’s permit tag or license plate.

Take pictures and video of a parking infraction.

Print a ticket for the windshield.

Immediately email a ticket directly to a permit holder.

Upload batches of tickets to the ColibriPark desktop solution.

With Colibri Park on the desktop, your Public Safety or Parking Management Department can:

Create and manage multiple parking permits per holder.

Suspend or cancel permits and create temporary permits

Manage tickets and payments.

Notify permit holders automatically of new tickets via email.

Specify grace periods and holidays for ticket payment.

Manage appeals and generate resolution letters.

Generate a range of administrative reports.

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Colibri Park iOS Mobile Screen Images


Parking enforcement and ticketing is nothing new on campus. However, the functionality and engineering behind Colibri Park takes the process to a new level.

Colibri Park is composed of two parts:

√ Colibri Park: The main desktop database solution that manages permit issuance and ticket data.

CP Mobile: The mobile app for Apple® iPad® to issue tickets.

Use Colibri Park to:

  • Integrate a traditional desktop solution with a mobile application.
  • Leverage multi-purpose iPads – there’s no need to invest in costly, single-function equipment simply to write tickets.
  • Manage permit issuance, including multiple permits per holder.
  • Issue tickets for non-permit holders and visitors.
  • Issue tickets with or without campus-wide network or Internet connectivity
  • Record a violation via images and videos.
  • Print a ticket for the windshield or send an email directly to the permit holder.
  • Issue and enter paper tickets if necessary.
  • Manage ticket payments and permit holder balances.

Administrative Integration

Colibri Park can be integrated optionally with Ellucian® Banner® and other systems that manage campus CRM and accounting, security and campus activities.

Exchange and update ticket and payment information, generate accounts for permit holders and owners as necessary and tie outstanding ticket balances to overall student or employee accounts.

Colibri Park’s level of integration allows institutions to collect ticket fees more efficiently by tying them to individual student or employee files.

Colibri Park Technical Specifications

Colibri Park has the following hardware and software requirements:

  • Server:  Windows 2008 or 2012 Server with 16 GB RAM and 3 disk RAID
  • Support for VMWare and Terminal Services/Citrix
  • FileMaker Server 15 (Included with support for up to 5 concurrent CP Mobile users. More available upon request.)
  • Desktop: Windows 7/8 or Mac OS X 10.9 or higher PC with 4 GB or higher RAM
  • FileMaker Pro 15 (Included with support for up to 5 machines.)
  • 1D Scanner (Optional)
  • CP Mobile:  iPad mini (Support for WiFi or 4G-enabled versions)
  • Zebra iMZ320 Printer
  • FileMaker Go (Free from the App Store)
  • MobiPrint (Included with support for up to 5 iPads)

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