FileMaker Go Webinar Support Materials

On October 24, 2011, in All Things FileMaker, by James Wesolowski

I hope that you were able to attend today’s FileMaker-sponsored webinar on “FileMaker Go Synchronization and Version Management Techniques.”  Here are a group of supporting materials (1, 2, 3, 4) for you to use as you work on your FileMaker Go projects.

Here is a link to the webinar recording itself.

For expert FileMaker Go development, you can always opt to engage the services of Colibri Solutions.  We would be happy to help you realize your plans and dreams.

I look forward to your feedback.

- James Wesolowski


23 Responses to “FileMaker Go Webinar Support Materials”

  1. yann liqueur says:

    great webinar

  2. Jim Hankins says:

    Thanks, I’m a native app developer but am looking into filemaker for some specific inhouse activities.

  3. Thomas Bauer says:

    Thank you James for your excellent FM Webinar and providing the great and detailed documentation.The seminar was among the best that I attended ever.

    With kind regards from Germany

  4. Gaston says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing James. This is great !

  5. Thanks for the great webinar.

  6. Damon Casey says:

    Thanks, James, for a good webinar and providing these files. It’s another interesting technique for syncing FM Go.

  7. Audrey Akhavan says:

    Hey, Mr. James! Thanks SO much for your “FileMaker Go Synchronization and Version Management Techniques” webinar and for making the supporting materials available. ❦

  8. You managed to explain something intricate in a simple fashion. THANK YOU!
    I may not need to use the sync methodology right away, but now I know where to turn. This is an important subject for FMGo developers

  9. Jens Rasmussen says:

    I agree, it was excellent.

  10. René Labadie says:

    Thanks, It has been a very good FM webinar. I’m now working in something similar, so is amazing to know from an expert better way to do this.

    Best Regards from Chile

  11. Domingo Molina says:

    Thanks, great Webinar. I’m using FileMaker Pro and I’m looking foward to use FM Go. Only one question, is there possible to print invoices from the IPhone or IPad?

    Thanks, Best Regards from PR

  12. Karen Stella says:

    Excellent presentation. Very Informative and succinct! I look forward to trying out the techniques you shared. Thanks so much!

  13. Jim Brear says:

    James, thanks for a very interesting Webinar. The version update file is amazing and makes that process easy. However, I think we are all being made to jump through unnecessary hoops by not being able to import into FMGo files directly. Mobile users need to be able to easily download subsets of data to take on the road. Until that can happen the whole process will be too hard for the end users.

    • James Wesolowski says:

      Thanks, the update feature is very cool, and it can be done with a single of multi-file solution. In our case, we did not want the end user to try to import anything directly (I assume that by this you mean the IMPORT command). The work is all on the developer. For the end user, particularly at the client in question, it is a simple authenticate and download/upload process – one dialog and two pretty buttons. The solution checks automatically for the right version, whether data needs to be synched, whether there is new data to send to the iOS device, whether there was an error, and tell the user what to do at every turn. We had the end users up and running in 5 minutes at most, and in some cases, they figured it out on their own. Of course, a lot of planning went into workflow and UI design, and that makes all the difference to the end user. One we figured it out, the FileMaker scripting is fairly straightforward.

  14. Hallo James,

    Great explanation! Ik was very helpfull for my (A response from The Netherlands).

  15. Thanks for this training

    Merci pour cette formation

  16. James Wesolowski says:

    Thanks to everyone who attended the seminar and for all your kind comments. Keep your questions and comments coming, and I hope that you will find the materials helpful.

    Look for more from Colibri Solutions regarding FileMaker Go in the coming weeks and months!!

  17. Tim Anderson says:

    Thanks James, interesting and useful techniques

  18. David Galson says:

    I’ve found with the new iPhone 4, and iCloud in particular, that during FM Go sessions, there can be significant delay in getting a response from the device while entering text, or otherwise modifying fields. I needed to deactivate icloud and certainly turn off the sync using cell feature before the latency in response went away.

    • James Wesolowski says:

      Personally, I have not tried FM Go while iCould is running. Go seems to work as expected with iOS 5, and I would imagine that future versions will address compatibility with iCloud and other new iOS features.

  19. Nicola Grafe says:

    Hi James,
    thank you so much, this was very helpful and exactly what I needed to know!!
    The greatest webinar I´ve watched.
    Best regards from Germany

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